On behalf of everybody at ACR it’s a very warm welcome and gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our all new website. We hope you like it. Here at ACR we are all delighted for our name to stand tall once again. Starting with our new logo we’ve ticked phase one of our 2016 marketing campaign, re-brand and restructure. This is just for starters. For many years ACR was part of the FIX Auto network and we took the decision to return to our roots. Customer service, focus, working with our business partners, quality assured repairs and embracing the future is just one element of ACR. As part of our re-branding we wanted to create a website that was interactive, a place of knowledge, combined with an informational site for customers to feel reassured. With our open transparency we want to hear from our customers, good or bad as you help us model the future as we push to be best in class and provide you with the service that you’ve come to expect.

2016 promises to be an existing year as we’ll be starting the year with fresh new marketing campaigns, customer loyalty schemes, and interacting with our customers on a new level.

On that note have a wonderful Christmas and we wish you all the very best for the New Year.

Carms-Managing Director